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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The WSC Lost & Found is primarily for items lost in the WSC. It is NOT considered the University Lost & Found. Keep checking around! We don’t receive all lost items. Most items lost outside the Wilkinson Student Center are kept by custodians or in department offices of the buildings where the item was lost. Occasionally, it will take items several days to reach the WSC Lost & Found.

  • Lost & Found sales have been discontinued.

  • Found items are donated to a variety of charities, organizations, or DI.

  • A policy established by the WSC states that we cannot keep or receive water bottles (for reason of available space, health, etc.). Check where you lost it or the custodians, etc. of that building.

  • Come to our office (WSC 1131) and describe your lost item as best you can and the time that you lost it. We will search through our inventory and inform you if we have your lost item. You’re required to show a picture ID and sign the item out.

  • Yes! If you call and we confirm that we have your lost item, we are able to ship you the lost item to your address. We just ask that you pay for the packaging and shipping.

  • We usually receive the previous’ days lost items from the Wilkinson Student Center, Info Desk Dropbox, and a few of the buildings on campus before 9 a.m. each morning. However, occasionally they will take several days to reach the WSC Lost and Found.

  • You can check the link below which has many of the known lost and found locations on campus where your lost item could possibly be. This is usually updated annually, if buildings change things between our updates this information may not be accurate.

  • We are closed most school holidays and only opened school days from 9am to 5:45pm. There is an emergency number to contact on the door of our office for time outside of our normal hours. However, it is only for emergency of much needed lost items, otherwise the person you call will ask you to return to the Lost and Found during regular business hours.